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Where will the programme take place?

The programme will take place at venues within central London.  Full details of programme venues will be provided when you are accepted onto the programme.

What are the 2018 programme dates?

The 2018 programme will take place during office hours on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March; Monday 30 April and Tuesday 1 May; Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 May. The indies who pitch for investment will do so on Monday 25 June.

Is it just for Founders? Can I bring another member of the team?

Indielab is designed for founders. We offer two places on the programme for founders from each company. If there are more than two founders in a company, we can occasionally make exceptions. If you are a sole founder then we encourage you to bring a trusted colleague, to share your learning on the programme.

What if I can’t attend one of the dates?

We are happy for you to nominate a colleague to attend in your place if you are unable to make a specific date, but we do require at least 80% attendance of founders across the programme.

Will I have to pitch for investment at the end of the programme?

No. You are not required to pitch for investment if you do not wish to do so.  We will help you decide whether seeking investment is the right thing for your business or not. You may decide to seek investment at a later date and use the tools from Indielab to help you do so then.  

What does investment readiness mean?

It means preparing your business for investment, making a decision to go for investment and having your business and yourself prepared with all the necessary documents to pitch to investors and follow up.

What will the investment be for?

As the applicant company, you need to decide what you need investment for – and be able to make a compelling case for it.

How much investment can I pitch for?

You should pitch for as much investment as you need to deliver your planned growth. You will need to justify the figure and make your investment attractive to investors, so you need to think carefully about this.  We can help you with that on the programme.

Do you accept applications from start-ups?

Yes – although you will need to demonstrate your potential by showing us three founder credits.

Who will the other indies be?

We can tell you that once the cohort is accepted onto the programme.

Will I have to disclose confidential information about my company?

You can disclose as much or a little as you want to, and you will not be required to share sensitive company information in front of other participant companies. However, you may find you get less out of the programme if you are not happy to share your experiences.    

Who are your investors?

Our investor network is a group of interested, knowledgeable and successful individual and financial investors. They are part of the Indielab investor network because they have something to offer, and they can contribute investment to the right early stage businesses.

Can I apply again if I am not accepted onto the programme?

If you are unsuccessful in your application then we still want to keep in touch with you.  We’ll keep you updated on further programmes and would encourage you to apply again in future.