Andrew Shaw Managing Director

Andrew is the managing director of Attaboy TV, an independent TV production company. He has been running Attaboy TV for 8 years and has been working in the industry for nearly 25 years. He started as a runner on sports programming for the BBC, then worked as a cameraman and freelance editor. He has a good technical knowledge and loves working with new technology and implementing complex workflows.

Andrew developed his production skills as part of a small indie and grew expertise in the business and management side of running a company. He joined Attaboy TV in 2008 and had led the company to achieve many successful series and broaden its focus.

Andrew is responsible for the day to day running of the company and oversees production on all of the company’s shows which includes Wheeler Dealers for Discovery, currently on series 12, and Strippers Cars for Cash for Nat Geo. More recently he was executive producer on a primetime ob doc for ITV, Deals, Wheels & Steals. He has worked for a wide range of broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Discovery and Nat Geo. Andrew is the driving force for the development team and is seeking to expand into the US market.

Attaboy Television has been producing successful high quality and ground-breaking TV programming across a broad range of genres for over 15 years. We work with broadcasters around the world and have a strong track record producing factual and entertaining series for international and domestic audiences.

We put strong casting, research, shooting and journalism into every project and a vast majority of our productions have been repeat business. Clients include Discovery, Nat Geo ITV, C4, Five & UKTV. We have a strong reputation for producing returning series that build audiences year after year. Whatever the genre, we pride ourselves on outstanding casting, bold & fresh ideas, and delivering outstanding quality.

Our productions include the global hit format Wheeler Dealers for Discovery, Strippers: Cars for Cash for Nat Geo and a primetime show on ITV – Deals, Wheels & Steals with average audiences of 2.2 million. We are currently producing two new fact ent series in Ultra HD.

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