Hugh Whitworth, CEO and Creative Director

Hugh Whitworth has produced over fifty hours of popular television since creating Whitworth Media in 2004. Television is an opportunity to explore inaccessible worlds and bring them to a worldwide audience.

Hugh started his career with the BBC Science department, trained for a year at NYU Film School and cut his teeth as a freelance director with Uden Associates. After fourteen years as a director and series producer he founded The Gamma Project with a mission to explore worlds and stories that he felt passionate about. Since then he’s almost stayed awake through the 24 Hours of Le Mans, taken crews into the inner sanctums of top level motorsport, gained access to amazing construction sites, secret factories and embedded a crew inside a nuclear submarine for a month at sea… as well as producing several popular history series focusing on the history of engineering, technology and the industrial revolution. Currently he’s sending Chris Tarrant around the world on the most extreme railways he can find.

Credits include: Tomorrow’s World, Antenna, Horizon, The Works, The Pulse, John Hurt’s Universe, Extreme Machines, Gameheadz, Massive Machines, Road to Le Mans, Engineering the World Rally, Kings of Nitro, Britain’s Greatest Machines, Megafactories, Megastructures, How to Command a Nuclear Submarine and Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways.

This is a high reputation British independent television production company with a string of successful shows that has huge potential for growth. We have a twelve year track record of producing high quality factual television for UK terrestrials and International broadcasters. We are now seeking investment to develop and sell new projects to expand our television business to North America and Worldwide and into the online marketplace.

Based in London the company is best known for our top rating male-skew factual entertainment – entertaining story and information-lead television for men “to watch with their women”. Once we start working with a new broadcaster, we always get repeat business. That’s thanks to our great storytelling, high production values, pace, humour and finding the right balance between information and entertainment. With all three of our main clients to date, Discovery, National Geographic and Channel 5 we have been entrusted with making brand-defining flagship series. It’s now time to take our product to a wider market.

Harriet Palmer