Vicky Ranson, Production Executive

Thoroughly Modern Media was created to do things differently.  To question the TV norms and find ways to improve and reinvent, all in the service of creating great TV shows and strong bonds with clients and staff.

Our core value is ‘Engineered Imagination’. This means that we look to capture genuinely new, exciting and inspiring ideas, and then use our experience within the TV world, to engineer them into engaging and popular TV.

Our shows are distinctive, with a factual core and a joyous tone. We have created SBS Australia’s Landmark series of 2016 ‘Inside Heston’s World’, C4 broadcast pilot ‘The Ride Along Grannies’, brand funded food show ‘The Gourmet Escape’ and 90 minute C4 special ‘Heston’s Space Food’.

Alongside our broadcast credits we have established a strong online catalogue of films, working closely with both the UK Space Agency and the Science Museum. Our approach to working with commissioners so far has born strong and very satisfied relationships from all.

Harriet Palmer