Stu Richards, MD, Rockerdale Studios

A decade into a career in popular factual and entertainment format development, Stu had an idea for a sitcom. He wrote it, pitched it and it was promptly greenlit - first to pilot and then series - by the BBC. Feeling plucky, he decided to pitch another sitcom, this time to Viceland. This second series commission gave rise to the formation of Rockerdale Studios. Both series commissions are a testament to a unique position in the comedy industry.

After a fleeting stint as a stand-up himself, Stu had developed personal and working relationships with the stars of both shows: Tim Renkow of Jerk (BBC 3) and the eponymous stars of Bobby and Harriet Get Married (Viceland/Comedy Central). It's a level of trust amongst the new generation of UK-based comic talent to which few other British producers can lay claim. Recent success has yielded growing relationships with several prominent commissioners seeking Stu's brand of younger-skewing, transgressive comedy. 

Harriet Palmer