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Indielab is brought together by a team of industry leaders and advisers from across the TV and media sector. 

Indielab is delivered by the industry for the industry. Speakers from indies, broadcasters, platforms, distributors, financiers come together to deliver high-level masterclasses and training in the critical areas you need to fast track your business.


Here are some of the key phases on the programme:



Take a good look at where your business is now. Planning effectively involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This stage will guide you through self-evaluation, help you to think about your unique offer and understand the current position of your business.


Mapping the future

Consider your options and develop a plan for where you want to go. This is your chance to think about where you want to be in the long term, consider the market changes affecting your future, and develop the growth plan to maximise your potential.  


Develop your network

Indielab will fast track your business growth by connecting you with some of the industry’s most prominent and influential executives, from indies, broadcasters, platforms, financiers and business advisers to agents and distributors who contribute to the programme.


Taking care of business

TV is a competitive business. We will give you extra tools and insight into the deals, the commercial knowledge and strategies to give your company a valuable edge in today’s changing market.


Show me the money

Understanding corporate finance may at some point be essential to realising your growth potential. We explain the current range of finance and investment options available, and give you the tools to decide which of these, if any, is best suited to the growth plan you are developing for your business.


Meet the Investors

Whether you want to raise investment now or consider it for some point in the future, Indielab will give you the tools to develop your investment readiness and knowledge about the investment process with expert guidance from our team.

If you are ready to seek investment, there will be an opportunity go forward for assessment to deliver an Investment Pitch with Indielab Investor Events.