Ben Barrett, MD Drive

Ben started his TV career at sports and adventure distributor Extreme International, where he became

Managing Director in 2000, and a co-founder of the Extreme Sports Channel. Upon sale of the business he joined Zig Zag Productions as Head of Distribution and Commercial Ventures, and became Commercial Director in 2008. Prior to setting up Drive he set up commercial consultancy Ben Barrett

Consulting, focusing on co-funding, rights exploitation and commercial affairs for a range of

UK and international producers. As Co-Managing Director of Drive Ben is responsible for the day to day running of the company alongside his business partner Lilla Hurst.

Drive works with producers, broadcasters and distributors to ease the production funding process by sourcing finance for TV projects, as well as providing a range of commercial and

Executive Producer services.

We engage with projects at development stage, working with producers to identify opportunities, using our market knowledge and contacts to ensure that each project has the best chance of securing finance. Our goal is to help our clients finance their programmes in the most commercially efficient way possible.

We take a very flexible approach to the way we work with our partners, depending entirely on their needs. We understand that all our clients have different strengths and relationships, and like to manage projects differently. We make life easier for our clients, by helping steer them through areas of their business in which they need support.

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