100% of indies who attend Indielab would recommend it – why so? 


Our masterclasses

Indielab’s high-level masterclasses are focused on giving you the knowledge and skills you need to grow a successful TV business. Hear from the most successful business leaders in the industry, the commercial deals which will give you the edge; the changing trends in the market you need to be aware of; the key knowledge and insight into business planning and growth which will help you fast track your business.

Develop a growth plan to accelerate your business

Spending time working ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business is critical to success. Doing so surrounded by some of the most interesting thinkers in the industry is an invaluable opportunity. In the words of one of recent attendees ‘Indielab gives you a whole new way of envisaging your future, and enables you to make critical, strategically-minded decisions, to take you to the next level.’ Andrew Eastel, Middelchild Productions.  

Industry Leaders

The Indielab programme will introduce you to 50+ industry leaders from across the sector: successful indie founders, broadcasters, agents, distributors, legal and commercial experts, and many more.  Being a part of the Indielab network will give you a contact book to help power your indie to the next level.

Understanding corporate finance for indies

As with any business, if you want to grow an indie, it helps to have some knowledge about finance. We explain the current range of finance and investment options available, and give you the tools to decide which of these, if any, is best suited to the growth plan you are developing for your business.

Learn how to become investment ready

If you do decide to raise investment, Indielab will help you craft your proposition, understand the investment process, and prepare your materials. 

Our Alumni

The Indielab alumni includes some of the most exciting, fastest growing companies in TV, giving you a great opportunity to grow your connections with other indies.